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Upcoming Meetings
The Annual General Meeting of Members took place on April 10, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario.

AGM Minutes and Presentation of Slate of Directors for 2019-2020
The Annual General Meeting of Members took place on April 10, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario and was attended by 16 members. The draft minutes can be found here.

The Nominations Committee presented the members who were appointed through election to the board of directors.
Programme Evaluation in Accreditation: How, Why, and Beyond
At the annual professional development meeting held on April 9th, in Ottawa, Ontario, a full day workshop presented by Dr. Susan Farrell, C.Psych., The Royal and Dr. Stewart Madon, C.Psych., Canadian Psychological Association was held. This workshop provided theoretical and practical education on using programme evaluation and quality improvement (PE & QI) in the work of accreditors. During this workshop, the presenters:
  • Provided a basis of understanding for the application of programme evaluation and quality improvement (PE & QI)
  • Reviewed current trends in PE & QI
  • Reviewed good processes for PE & QI
  • Discussed using PE & QI as a mechanism for change/advocacy
  • Learned how to establish continual improvement processes
  • Learned how to use Program Evaluation for advocacy
The slides presented at this workshop can be found here.
ASPA Update for AAAC
On April 9, 2019 at the professional development workshop, Joseph Vibert, Executive Director of ASPA presented an overview of activities and planned ASPA initiatives.
AAAC Newsletter and Webinar Schedule
We are working hard to keep members informed and aware of relevant practices and regulations. Visit the newsletter schedule for the deadline for submissions of upcoming issues and watch for details of upcoming webinars.

The deadline for the submission of articles for the May newsletter is May 10. Send your submissions to

Miss the "Dealing with Complaints" webinar? You can now access the recording to that webinar presented by Lynn Villeneuve (Engineers Canada) and Dr. Stewart Madon (Canadian Psychological Association)

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AAAC 2018 Investment Summary
Click here to read the 2018 Investment Summary.