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Basic Site Evaluator Course Our new Course (2011) has been developed for both new and experienced assessors of professional programs. This course is available to site evaluators appointed by Members of the Association and if you have been assigned a PIN, you are allowed access to the course for two years. Pick your language of choice when registering.
If you are not appointed by an AAAC Member and would like to take this course, the fee is C$150. Please contact us to make arrangements. Please note that we monitor usage of this course from time to time to generate various reports of a non-personal nature and that while your registration is based upon your email address, we do not share this or any other personal information with third parties. Registration for the course and provision of your email address is considered to be the voluntary release of personal information with implied permission for collection of any data relating to the course in accordance with PIPITA. Our on-line Privacy Policy can be read here.

Our database is controlled through the information that you provide on the Registration Page. Once you register, you will receive an email with a link that is unique to you - when you click on that link (or cut and paste it into your browser address bar if your email system does not allow live links), you will be able to follow the sequence to enter your PIN number and access the course. If you do not enter your PIN number within 10 days after receipt of the email noted above, your account will be de-activated for security reasons and you will need to re-register. To avoid typing mistakes it is very strongly suggested that you cut and paste your PIN number into the appropriate field.

PINs are valid for two years (24 months), after which time they will expire following activation.

So just:
  • Register
  • Click on the link that will be emailed to you
  • Login - if this is your first time, you will also need to enter your PIN on the Welcome page
When you return the next time, there is no need to re-enter your PIN because our system recognizes you and will take you to the point that you left off when you click the Resume/Course button.

Please report any problems or make any suggestions for improvement to

Course Background
In 2003, members of the Association identified a need for enhanced training for accreditation team members/program evaluators. There was consensus that a generic program should be developed, relevant to all accreditation evaluators regardless of profession or occupation. The result is this online course.

The course is for experienced and new assessors and builds awareness of the key steps and issues of an accreditation process. Upon completion, the evaluator will be able to build on these fundamental concepts during participation in education program accreditation in the evaluator's particular field.

Topics covered in the course include:
  • the accreditation process and how the assessor fits within that process;
  • how accreditation fits in the educational and professional system;
  • key steps in the accreditation process;
  • the attributes of an assessor;
  • responsibilities of an assessor;
  • the key elements of evidence gathering;
  • the key objectives of a review;
  • the interviewing procedure and its importance in the accreditation process; and
  • the main purpose of the accreditation review report and how it's prepared.
This course is addressed to people from many different professions (e.g. engineering, nursing, physiotherapy, education), who all need to learn basic accreditation information and skills before they continue on to more specialized accreditation training in their particular field.