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Membership Applications – Eligibility Criteria

Full Membership

Full Membership applications must meet the following four specific requirements; the onus is on the applicant to show proof as required to meet these requirements:

1. Accreditation

Academic accreditation in Canada is a process of quality assurance through which accredited status is granted to a program of study once it has met specific standards of education established by the responsible authorities.

2. Post-Secondary

Post-secondary education is higher education. Admission into a higher education program requires a student to complete a high school level education or its equivalent.

3. Professional Programs

A “professional program” imbues its students with the attributes, capabilities, and characteristics of a professional qualified to practice in each field of endeavour. A “professional program” is one offered as “higher education”, e.g., formal education at the post-secondary level, as in (2).

4. Established Standards and Processes

Meet the clearly defined standards and processes set out in the AAAC’s ‘Guidelines for Good Practice of Academic Accreditation of Professional Programs’.

Associate Membership

Organizations that do not accredit academic programs but which have an interest in the accreditation of post-secondary professional programs or educational institutions, and whose objectives and programs effectively support those of the Association, may apply for Associate Membership. Associate Members may fully participate in meetings and task groups established by the Association. Associate Members have the same rights and privileges as Full Members except for the right to hold office and the right to vote on issues which must be resolved at an Annual General meeting.

Organizations may apply for Associate Membership by contacting the AAAC office.


Annual dues are currently $1100.00 plus GST/HST.

Member Benefits

AAAC is a membership organization. Membership does not equate to recognition, nor does it certify the status, performance or integrity of the accreditation organization. Organizations seeking membership do so on a voluntary basis. AAAC is under no obligation to accept any organization as a member.

AAAC serves its members in a variety of ways through excellent professional development, online resources and networking opportunities.

Education & Professional Development

  • Online Course on Accreditation – a Must Take course for all your volunteers
  • Regular webinars on topics relevant to the accreditation community
  • Annual meeting dedicated to professional development and networking
  • Online accreditation related resources

Online Community

AAAC provides an online forum which promotes information exchange among members.




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